Issues of class, privilege, race, and gender come into play when providing herbal care to the community, whether we’re conscious of it or not. As much as herbalists would like to have “folk medicine for the people” many people do not have access to information, clinics, plants, or plant based medicines. Class cuts across all issues when it comes to healthcare, and understanding how to best serve those who do not have financial freedom is paramount to moving toward a truly healthy community.

Zines, as a DIY publishing format, provide a complementary avenue for sharing information, opinion, and art.

From The Ground Up #1 focuses on herbalists sharing their knowledge with each other to promote more effective and compassionate care for community members who may not have adequate resources for ideal herbal healing and prevention solutions.

Compiled & Designed by Margarat Nee & Kim Schwenk of Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go

Contributors include: Weasel, Laurel Luddite, Sandra Lory, 7Song, Anna in Olympia, Alexandra Svoboda, Margarat Nee, Melanie Pulla (interviewing Jacoby Ballard), Dana Woodruff, Kim Schwenk (interviewing Valerie Camacho), Fellow Workers Farm blog.


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