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Call-Out for issue #2 of From The Ground Up


Call for contributors to issue #2: Give & Take

Deadline for issue #2 is January 31, 2014 extended to March 1 until filled.

Cultural appropriation, cultural sensitivity, giving and taking, sharing and using, respect and revisionism – these are issues that need to be spoken of amongst herbalists.

Issues of class, privilege, race, and gender come into play when providing herbal care to the community, whether we’re conscious of it or not. As much as herbalists would like to have “folk medicine for the people” many people do not have access to information, clinics, plants, or plant based medicines.


From The Ground Up focuses on herbalists sharing their knowledge with each other to promote more effective and compassionate care for community members who may not have adequate resources for ideal herbal healing and prevention solutions, as well as promoting a nuanced discussion of where we as herbalists place ourselves in the cultural landscape.


Submissions can be in narrative, descriptive, and preferably in non-academic forms; text and/or images are welcome. See issue #1 for inspiration.

Send digital submissions & questions to Margarat & Kim at 

From The Ground Up will carry the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.